Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Passing of the Baton: Christian Brothers University--A Memphis Midtown University in Transition by Br. Terence McLaughlin

CBU was the last place I wanted to go for college. I had big dreams about leaving home, studying international relations, and never, ever going Greek. Thankfully, my wishes made as an eighteen-year-old did not come true. CBU has become a second home for me and introduced me to the incredible world of Midtown Memphis. I have spent four remarkable years living with my best friend, being challenged as a history major, forming close, working relationships with my professors, and (arguablly most importantly) learning how to have fun. Of course CBU has its problems, but I firmly believe that there is much more good than bad. I feel blessed to have gone to a school where all of my professors know me by name and my diverse group of friends regularly push me to do things that I find terrifying. The knowledge that I am leaving this special place in just nine short weeks is saddening. I know that no matter which graduate school I enroll in, it will not have the same atmosphere that this place does. St. John Baptiste de la Salle, pray for us. Live Jesus in our hearts, forever.

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  1. I remember our conversations as you were coming to the realization that CBU would be your college experience. We talked about how YOU would define the experience more than the school you chose. The same holds true for graduate school Lena!